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TERRA offers a comprehensive range of innovative, effective and reliable solutions for water repellency and water impermeability applications carried out in different fields, especially in the construction and construction sectors and textile sectors. These solutions produced in a variety of forms such as potassium siliconate solution, highly concentrated silane and siloxane mixture liquid emulsion, hydrogen polysiloxane, liquid silicone rubber and hydrophobic aminofunctional silicone oil and silicone oil emulsion are desired to obtain stronger, more resistant and more permanent water repellency. They are capable of meeting all expectations in many applications:

- Water Repellency and Impermeability in Construction and Building Materials

- Water Repellency, Water Impermeability in Textiles

As we produce solutions in standard recipes, we also develop special solutions that take into account the production process requirements of users and the performance they expect from the final product. The solutions we offer are the product of the knowledge and experience gained at the global level. Through our expert technical support team, we can show you how you can increase your production efficiency and efficiency, improve the performance and quality of your products and reduce your costs.

Call us for more detailed information about water repellency, water repellency and water repellent agents and other polymers used in waterproofing applications. Our expert team is ready to support you to reach the right options with the features you are looking for.

TERRASIL® WR series water repellents, waterproofing agents and TERRASIL® SILANE series silanes, which are developed to achieve long-term water repellency and water impermeability in construction and building material manufacturing as well as field applications, are effective, reliable and cost-oriented. TERRASIL® WR series water repellents produced in options such as potassium siliconate solution, silane-siloxane mixture liquid emulsion and methyl hydrogen polysiloxane emulsion are cement, plaster, lime, perlite, clay, pumice, quartz, polyeser, polyurethane. Tiles, bricks, briquettes, aerated concrete, concrete boards, precast concrete, gypsum boards, gypsum boards, gypsum boards, interior and exterior cladding, jambs and buttresses, as well as marble, granite, travertine This solution, which gives water repellency to ceramic, concrete, textured plaster, wood, composite and similar surfaces. They are used both as an additive used in the product recipe during manufacture and as a water-repellent impregnating agent applied to existing surfaces. TERRASIL® WR series water repellent emulsions offered in water-based and solvent-based alternatives are primarily preferred in the construction and building industry due to their benefits and advantages:

- They are in high concentration

- Effective (active) substance content is high.

- They are used by diluting with water or solvent. - They are compatible with other chemicals, they are easily dissolved in the system.

- They are applied by spraying and applying in ready-to-use surfaces.

- They do not spoil the structure and color of the surfaces they are applied to. repellency performances are excellent

- They provide long-term and resistant to external factors, water repellency

- They are also effective on porous and porous surfaces with high absorption of liquid

- Material and surface steam permeability most They do not come on.

- They prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi and bloom on the surface.

- They give anticorrosive properties to the surfaces.

- UV resistance is very good. are resistant to acids and water under constant pressure.

- Their freezing-thawing resistance is excellent

- They provide long-lasting use

- They are economical, they are effective even in small amounts.

- They do not contain carcinogenic, toxic and toxic substances.

More about water repellents, waterproofing agents, silanes, binding agents and other solutions used to achieve water repellency in construction and building materials. call us for detailed information. Our expert team is ready to support you to get the right options with the features you are looking for.