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Silicon based chemical innovations we bring to Turkey in the field of chemical industry, we have carried out global resources and technology transfer plays an important role in the development of the manufacturing industry, thanks to our high power supply, effectively expanding company and a pioneer in the silicon market.

With our breakthrough spirit and our business development vision that seeks to achieve better, we work in close cooperation with the global leaders of silicone monomer and polymer manufacturers and directly reflect their technical expertise and supply forces to our customers. Our product range consists of unique and flexible solutions that differ according to the sector and application methods of our customers.

We provide our customers with Customer Service support on many issues such as current bill improvement, new bill development, manufacturing performance and cost improvement, on-site application and custom packaging. At the same time, we establish a continuous technical support bridge between our suppliers and customers with whom we receive technical support, and transfer the technical know-how and manufacturing experience gained globally directly to our customers. We work for our customers to be successful in the markets where they compete based on our understanding of sustainability principle.

In short, we do our job differently from TERRA at others. And this difference of ours allows our customers to create huge differences in their markets and to seize new market opportunities.