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Food grade SILASTOSIL® LR series and medical grade SILASTOMER® LR series LSR liquid silicone rubbers are high performance, reliable and economical solutions developed for the production of silicone rubber materials and parts by injection molding method. These transparent, odorless, solvent-free LSR liquid silicone rubbers are ideal for two-component (1: 1 mixing ratio) high quality and high volume series productions.

SILASTOSIL® LR series and SILASTOMER® series LSR liquid silicone rubbers are primarily preferred by performance and cost-oriented manufacturers due to their performances in silicone rubber injection molding applications, the outstanding mechanical and chemical properties they achieve in the final product and other advantages they provide:

- Clear transparency, colorless

- Odorless

- Does not contain solvents and similar toxic and carcinogenic substances

- Top level in chemical purity level

- Hypoallergenic

- REACH registered, in accordance with RoHS regulations

- FDA certified, suitable for food grade, cooking and kitchenware manufacturing

- ISO 10993-10: 2010 certified, medical grade

- Suitable for medical equipment, healthcare product, prosthesis and medical equipment manufacturing

- Suitable for direct contact with skin, subcutaneous and food

- Suitable for manufacturing baby items such as teat, bottle

Curing, freezing and mold release times are ideal.

- Flexing, tensile and tear resistance is outstanding

- UV, ozone and corona resistance is very good

- No yellowing and discoloration problem over time

- Anti-aging resistance is excellent

- It has high heat resistance, its structure does not deteriorate between -50 ° C and 250 ° C.

- Resistant to chemicals and acids

- High level of electrical conductivity and insulation

- Suitable for surge arrester and insulator manufacturing requiring high voltage resistance

- It does not emit toxic gases, odors and smoke when it is excluded from flame.

- Economic

- Saves energy, labor and time in high volume and mass productions

- Observes human health and environmental compliance requirements

- Biologically biodegradable

- Does not contain carcinogenic, harmful and toxic substances

- Storage and shelf life is long

Food grade Holcosil® series used in automatic dosing silicone rubber injection molding systems and medical grade TERRACOLOR® series liquid pigment pastes in accordance with ISO 10993 standards have unique qualities for performing colored productions. These REACH registered, RoHS compliant, FDA, BfR and Koshar certified silicone rubber paints are produced in standard RAL and Pantone codes as well as in custom colors. They are available in a wide range of products, from kitchen gadgets and infant baby care items to medical objects, from automotive and white goods to electrical and electronic parts manufacturing.

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