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Developed by using the most advanced polymer technologies, TERRAFOAM® series defoamer and antifoam silicone emulsions are produced by considering the intended foam cutting paramates. These foam control systems, which are easily dissolved in aqueous environments, stand out in basic criteria such as foam cutting power, foam cutting speed and foam cutting effect time, pH resistance, heat stability and shelf life. TERRAFOAM® series foam cutters, which can meet the food-grade, skin-grade and medical-grade requirements that are sought in the manufacture of food and beverage, beauty and personal care products and medical products, and are also used in a wide range of manufacturing industries:

- Colorful cosmetics

- Beauty and personal care products

- Bathroom cosmetics
- Dairy products

- Cheese making (fermentation)

- Brewery, winemaking (fermentation)

- Soda drinks, energy drinks

- Juice, milk
- Liquid Detergent

- Polishes, surface polishers

- Auto cosmetics (Auto shampoo, paint polish, floor polish)
- Waste water treatment

- Drinking water production
- Construction paint

- Ready-made texture plaster, repair mortar, filling mortar

- Construction chemicals
- Ink
- Liquid glue
- Metal cutting process
- Pulp, paper

- Pesticides, liquid fertilizers

- Carpet and textile
- Plastic recycling

- Petrochemicals (oil extraction, refining and refinery processes)

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