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Sharing culture is the basis of our success As an institution specialized on silicon technologies in Turkey we have a mission to reach the appropriate conditions to global resources and innovative technologies in the field of chemical industry. In line with this mission, we brought together our knowledge and experience accumulation on specific chemicals, especially silicone polymers and rubbers, under the roof of TERRA with an innovative vision.

We are a professional team consisting of specialists in silicone polymer and elastomer technologies, with deep market knowledge in the local and global area, with high technical consultancy and field experience. Each of our employees has the awareness of being a reliable guide for our customers and acts accordingly.

Our customers consult us with the aim of making maximum use of innovations in chemistry, advances in manufacturing technologies and global raw material resources, developing products that will bring commercial success, catching new market opportunities and also improving manufacturing activities. We listen to their demands meticulously, we try to understand the results they want to achieve, and we offer original and flexible solutions by considering the goals they want to achieve.

In accordance with the vision we have, we establish a seamless communication bridge between our global solution partners and our customers, each of which is a leader in its field, to transfer innovative technologies in the silicone world to local manufacturers, and share the knowledge and experience we have gained with them. Because, as TERRA, we believe that a strong sharing culture lies at the heart of sustainable success.