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Building strong and reliable collaborations : Confidence- As a dynamic participant of the sector, to maintain our ability to be a reliable business partner at the highest level of our competence.

Transparency - To show clearly to our customers and suppliers that we have an understanding of confidentiality based cooperation that takes care of their interests.

Customer Orientation - To always stay one step ahead of customer expectations, to determine the needs correctly, to produce flexible solutions and options, in this way to maximize customer satisfaction.

To be a Pioneer - To be the pioneer of the industry with our vision of always being different, with our knowledgeable and experienced expert team, our supply power and our innovative product range.

High Technology - To produce effective and flexible solutions for local industries by following global technologies in chemistry and benefiting from manufacturing experience.

Sustainability - Supporting the sustainability principle through our strategies, business processes, product range and business models. To work with the awareness of supporting businesses to grow and create added value, to increase the standard of living of our employees and society and to perform higher in order to protect the environment.

Contribution to the Economy - To contribute to the development and economic growth of local industries by producing innovative solutions focused on performance, efficiency, cost and environmental compatibility that we offer to the use of industries.

Social Responsibility - To develop business processes that support our living in a healthier and more reliable environment in the future, to protect the interests of the environment and society.