Optimal results through reliable materials
TERRA offers a comprehensive range of silicone rubbers that may be used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as extrusion, injection molding, compression molding and also for moldmaking, pad printing, textile coating and electronic potting and encapsulation. Their chemical purity and long-lasting durability make them favorable solutions for producing food grade, medical grade and electrical grade articles. They are formulated by gobally known technology leaders, and available in solid and liquid forms with a wide range of hardness:
SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers comply with FDA and RoHS regulations fully, are ideal therefore for food and medical related applications. Thanks to their superior performances, they have been always the first choice of the industries:


- electrical and electronic parts

- electronic potting and encapsulation, LED filling, LED casting

- power and utility (high-voltage grade)

- automotive engineering

- baby care, toys

- kitchen ware, bake ware

- healthcare articles

- medical devices (cleanroom applications)

- sports articles

- prosthesis, orthopedics

- adult sex toys

- pad printing, ink transfer

- textile coating (fabric, leather), textile printing

- sealing, bonding, insulation, waterproofing

- molding, moldmaking, casting

- rapid prototyping

- handycraft, jewellery



Our silicone rubber range includes also silicone fluids, OH polymers, silicone polish emulsionscolorants for silicone rubbers (liquid pigment paste, masterbatch)release agents & lubricants, mold release agents, thixotropic agents, thickeners, primers and adhesion promoters, bonding agents for cured silicone rubbers, coupling agents and silanes, crosslinkers, catalysts (tin, platinum), functional fillers and dispersions, performance enhancing additives such as flame retardants, and other complementary chemicals.


For further information about our extensive range of Silicone Rubbers, please contact us. Our experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 


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