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Silicone is not a product, but an entire field of chemistry. Here in the World of Silicones, you will learn what makes silicones unique and why they are able to deliver so many problem-solving and innovation-enabling benefits.


What is silicone?
Silicone is a generic name for a wide variety of polymeric chains and networks constructed around a backbone of Si-O-Si.
Technically known as “polysiloxanes”, silicones are the “magical link” between organic and inorganic chemistry.


Combining the advantages of glass and plastics, silicones are unique materials unlike anything else in the world:
- like plastics (which are carbon-based), silicones are strong and able to assume many forms.
- like glass (which is silicon-based), silicones are temperature- and moisture-resistant, chemically inert, and dielectric.
The silicone molecule – Quartz with a flexible backbone
You can think of silicones as organically modified quartz where two of the oxygen atoms attached to every silicon atom have been replaced with organic groups. In polydimethylsiloxane (the basic and most commonly available silicone), these organic groups are methyl (CH3).
This substitution transforms the rigid, three-dimensional network structure of quartz into a strong, yet flexible, linear polymer in which the organic groups rotate freely about the Si-O-Si chain.
Unique features of the silicone (polydimethylsiloxane) molecule
Highly open, flexible, and mobile siloxane backbone; the ability to orient toward particular surfaces and bend without breaking.
High bond strength; stable in many different environments and under harsh conditions.
Ability to form extremely long polymer chains and still remain fluid.
Ability to bond with both organic and inorganic materials, creating a bridge between them.
Versatility to bond; not all silicone molecules are linear, they can also be cyclic, crosslinked, or resinous.




These properties enable silicone to be used for everything from fluids and gums to gels, elastomers, and resins, and to meet the challenges of industries ranging from automotive and electronics to beauty and healthcare...
From these basic building blocks, thousands of useful silicone-based products are innovated.



Enhanced life quality with silicones

High standards of living and everyday changing quality demands on daily products make silicones indispensable materials for Industries.
Silicones are astonishingly versatile because adding different molecules and compounds to the core molecular structure will enhance or modify the silicone properties. The result is a readily adaptable material that can be manufactured in more than 2,000 different forms such as solids, liquids, oils, greases, semi-viscous pastes, antifoams, impregnating agents, release agents, silicone rubber and more.
Silicones are found almost everywhere: In the household appliances, in the textiles and leisure sector, in food and beverage industry, in automotive, and in electrical & electronic equipments. And often where you couldn’t expect it. The reason is their wide range of outstanding properties resulting in countless Applications in our daily life.
Here is a small sample of the ways silicone-based products impact our lives every day:
Computers and Electronics; hyper-pure polycrystalline silicon is a fabricated raw material that is used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries as the base for computer chips and electronics. Delicate circuit boards in computers, VCRs, and cell phones are protected with silicone materials. TERRA products also help in the manufacture of computer chips by offering ozone-safe cleaning materials. In the age of electronics, silicon-based materials help us work faster and more efficiently.
Automobiles; durable sealants, lubricants, protective coatings, and greases help keep automobiles running smoothly. Coatings for airbag fabrics, car polishes, automotive vinyl protectants, paints, oil pan gaskets, and spark plug boots and cables also benefit from silicon science.
Textiles; silicon-based softeners can improve the feel (hand) of fabrics, as well as provide waterproofing or waterabsorbtion features to them. TERRA products also help in the manufacture of textiles and leather goods and protect textiles from stains, wrinkles, and shrinking.
Household products; silicon-based materials help improve the performance of laundry detergents, fabric softeners, cleaners and solvents, and other household products in your home.
Personal care; silicon-based materials are used in numerous personal care applications. They provide that silky-smooth feel in hair care products. They also enhance the performance of deodorants, antiperspirants, cosmetics, and skin moisturizers and lotions.
Healthcare; silicon-based products provide tubing for dialysis, hydrocephalus shunts, pacemaker leads, and lubrication of syringe needles.
Construction and Architecture; TERRA products protect buildings against the ravages of nature. Historic lighthouse preservation, for example, benefits from a unique TERRA breathable coating, which waterproofs the exterior while allowing trapped moisture to escape. Other applications include glazing sealants for high-rise commercial buildings, roofing materials, pavement sealants, firestop materials, and bathtub caulks. This range allows silicon-based products to seal the deal.
Pulp & Paper; silicon-based products are found in release coatings for label-backing paper, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and paper coatings.
Chemical manufacturing; silicon-based materials are used as process aids, coupling agents, defoamers, and antifoams for a variety of industries.
Food & Beverage; silicon-based materials are used as defoamers in flavor concentrates, beverages, edible oils, prepackaged foods, and confections – and as release agents for bread, bun, and cake pans.
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