We work to contribute to the national economy

and the life quality of our community

We are a professional organization based on the innovative vision of our founders who have been acting for more than 20 years in chemical sector. By building strategic partnerships with well-known global suppliers, we aim to continue our mission, to bring innovative technologies in Turkey and provide flexible, effective solutions for local industries.
At TERRA, we work to contribute to the future of our customers, we share our knowledge and our experience of years achieved in different industrial fields. We always try to understand specific needs of our customers, and try to offer ideal solutions with proven performances. As result, we help them implement newest technologies into their business, and we support them to keep their competition ability.
We seek for providing new technologies which give importance to life quality. We search for innovations, share our vision with our customers and contribute to their growth - as conclusion, we contribute to the economy and the life quality of our people.

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