We have the experience and the capability

to help you meet your business objectives

We are a well-known local supplier of silicone-based chemicals and raw materials for manufacturers, formulators and professional traders. We provide innovative, cost-effective and efficient solutions for many Industries and also new using methodes for industrial Applications.
At TERRA we assist our customers with an individualized consultancy, we show them new ways to use the newest technologies in their business processes and support them with Customer Services that would not have expected from a material supplier. For their specific needs we try to offer the best fitted solutions, and to implement them into their bussiness processes.
We always think and work together with our customers as their team members. We try to create Innovations which really add value into their businesses, and help them meet their business objectives. In short, we do our job different.
Beyond materials and services
Our solutions are not simply materials or pre-packaged services. They are integrated, tailored responses to your unique business requirements. We do not develop them for you. We develop them in partnership with you.
Whether you are a corporate decision-maker, manufacturing engineer or purchasing agent, we can provide expertise and resources that help you avoid doing costly mistakes, time-consuming startup mistakes and quality-damaging application errors. We can also show you how to streamline your process and improve your bottom line.
Our team of experts offers you a customized technical consultancy as much as you require. Not only can we help you solve problems related to your day-to-day operation; we can also help your company meet key and long-term business objectives.
In order to show you how we can contribute to your business, please contact us . Our team is ready to meet with you, listen to you, and fit exactly your needs.




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