To meet highest requirements

To color silicone rubbers in an efficient way TERRA offers a broad range of highly-effective pigment pastes. Produced by Holland Colours Holcosil® series pasty and liquid color pastes are ideal solutions for the silicone rubber industries to meet any processing and product requirements:


- Higher coloring performance in comparison with powder pigments and conventional masterbatches

- High colour consistency and end-product quality

- Excellent surface qualities at the end-products

- Do not affect mechanical and chemical strengths of the cured silicone rubber

- High thermak stability

- High UV and weathering resistance

- Exceptional high and low temperatures resistance (-60ºC to 300ºC)

- Do not rise any dust during processing

- Environmental harmless

- Care for human health

- comply with FDA, BfR, Koshar and ROHS

- Food contact and skin contact

- Suitable for use with manual or automatized processing systems

- Easy to apply with standard mixing and dosing equipments

- Shorter coloring and mixing periods (save time and energy)

- Unlimited design and production flexibility

- Wide array of standard colours within RAL and Pantone color shades

- Customized color fomulations in a short period

- Fast delivery with standard colour orders

- Costeffective



For further information about our range of Color Pastes, please contact us.Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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