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Never before has coloring sealants been this easy. With over 20-year-experience in the silicone rubber and elastomer technologies TERRA offers the most innovative coloring solutions for silicone sealants and adhesives. The colorants of Holland Colours are offered in forms of paste or liquid, and provide outstanding performances in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mixing systems. These highly effective colorants have been always the first choice of the sealant manufacturers:


- Holcosil® IP for RTV silicone sealants

- Holcosil® NS for plasticizer-free RTV silicone sealants

- Holcoflex® for polyurethane (PU), MS-polymer, Polysulfide organic sealants 

- Holcolex® for acrylic sealants



Holcosil® IP is an excellent solution for colouring silicone sealants. It is a paste that offers high pigment loading and excellent dispersion to minimize the amount of actual colour required to colour material and reduce costs. It is rheologically controlled and highly suited for automatic dosing systems. Holcosil® IP is also offered in custom colours and custom viscosities to meet virtually any need. Holcosil® IP is also used for colouring B-components and hardeners of RTV-2 products. It is available compliant with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and German BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung) requirements.


Holcosil® NS is developed specifically for tinting sealants in natural stone applications. Based on hydroxy-silicone polymers, Holcosil® NS is a paste that will cure in the appropriate sealant for a stain-free result. It has been designed with a viscosity for automatic dosing, and like all Holland Colourss sealant pigment pastes is available in standard and custom colours with a variety of effects. Holcosil® NS can also be used to colouring polycondensation-cured RTV-2 products.


Holcoflex® is a low cost, non-reactive and highly effective colourant for organic sealants including polyurethane (PU) sealants, MS-polymer sealants, polysulfide sealants and other organic sealants. It is available in 10 standard as well as custom colours. Holcoflex® provides excellent pigment dispersion, has extremely consistent performance and enables a high level of production efficiency. Holcoflex® is de-gassed, will not migrate, contains minimal moisture and has a maximum particle size <30 microns. It is formulated for automatic dosing with viscosity that can be adjusted to custom specifications.


Holcolex® is a line of waterborne, aqueous colourants deveoped for acrylic sealants. They are available in standard and custom colours. They offer optimal pigment loading and high levels of pigment dispersion with maximum reproducibility. Rheology-controlled and highly cost-efficient in production, Holcolex® line colourants are well suited to a number of other applications using waterborne products such as primers and mortars.


For two-component, room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV-2 silicone rubbers, and for fabric printing, textile and fabric coating we offer following solutions:


- Polyaddition grades and printing - Holcosil® LSR vinyl-terminated silicone polymer-based pigment paste

- Polycondensation grades - Holcosil® NS hydroxy-functional silicone polymer-based pigment paste

- B-components or hardeners - Holcosil® IP is a multipurpose, silicone fluid-based pigment paste



For further information about our comprehensive range of Colorants for Sealants and Adhesives, please contact us.Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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