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For manufacturing of silicone molds, or industrial applications such as textile coating & textile printing, pad printing, electronic potting & encapsulation, sealing and bonding, protective coating, or casting (molding) TERRA offers the most innovative silicone rubber and elastomer technologies.
SILASTOSIL® line room-temperaure-vulcanizing silicone rubbers (RTV) are formulated as one-component (RTV-1) or two-component (RTV-2) silicone rubbers. Two-component (RTV-2) silicone rubbers are offered in
two types; condensation-curing (tin-catalyzed) and addition-curing (platinum-catalyzed). The condensation-cure types are strongly dependent on the catalyst and produce by-products like alcohol, while the addition-cure types are dependent on temperature and produce no by-products. Therefore the condensation-curing types are not suitable for food-contact or skin-contact applications. The addition-curing types (platinum-catalyzed) fulfill all conditions related to food grade status (FDA compliance), are therefore ideal for food and medical related applications. Our effective solutions are used by many industries:
SILASTOSIL® line RTV silicone rubbers have unique features and benefits:
- excellent flowability
- optimal viscosities for various application methods
- a wide variety of hardness alternatives ranging from 0 to 70 shore A
- hardness levels could be adjusted by adding silicone fluids 
- high potential of silicone fluid adding
- in general translucent or transparent colors
- black or high-transparent alternatives for electronic potting and encapsulation
- ideal for optoelectronic devices, LED's and assemblies, LED filling
- white or red alternatives for manufacturing of printing pads
- anti-yellowing
- easy to color with liquid colorants for silicone rubbers
- adjustable curing and operation times
- easy deaeration (degassing)
- excellent mechanical, chemical and electrical properties
- high heat and cold resistance
- excellent thermal stability and weatherability
- high tear strength
- high tensile strength
- high elongation rates
- very good impact absorption
- easy to use
- comply with FDA and RoHS, suitable for food related and medical
- cost-effective
TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids are used to adjust the flowability and to reduce the hardness of the silicone rubbers. They are offered in a wide variety of viscosity ranging from 0.65cSt to 1.000.000cSt.
Holcosil® line liquid colorants for silicone rubbers produced by Holland Colours are food grade, comply with FDA and RoHS requirements fully, and ideal therefore for food and medical related applications.


TERRASIL® SILANE line silanes are used as performance enhancing additives to enhance the adhesion or mechanical performances of the silicone rubbers. They are highly effective and efficient solutions which guarantee optimal results.

For further information about our range of Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing Silicone Rubbers (RTV), please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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