Set high standards without sacrificing cost-control
SILASTOSIL® LR line two-component liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) for injection molding and TERRACOAT® line liquid silicone rubbers for textile coating are offered with a wide variety of viscosity and hardness. They are used in serial manufacturing of high-precision silicone rubber parts in large quantities such as baby nipples, silicone bottles, silicone automotive parts, silicone medical devices, high-voltage insulators, kitchenware, and also for fabric coating and for protective coating for electronics. They are odorless and colorless, highly transparent, easy to pump.
In textile coating applications TERRACOAT® LR line liquid silicone rubbers enable unlimited design flexibility and outstanding performances related to abrasion resistance, heat resistance, tear and tensile strengths, elongation at break, acid-resistance, and weatherability.
In liquid injection molding applications SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid silicone rubbers guarantree remarkable increases in productivity and cost-efficiencies without sacrificing time or quality. They have unique features, and provide therefore numerous benefits in productions:
- odorless and colorless, high purity
- excellent flowability (low viscosity), easy to pump
- ideal for high-pressure liquid injection molding (LIM) applications
- injection molding can be done also at low pressures
- excellent processing performance
- ideal for intricate designs
- flashless, runnerless molding
- improved productivity, higher production rates
- faster cure speeds
- reduced cycle times
- anti-yellowing
- easy to colour with liquid pigment pastes 
- ver good UV and stain resistance
- high tear and shear strength
- high tensile strength
- high elongation rate and elasticity
- excellent surface qualities (smooth, glossy, elegant)
- very good dielectric properties
- saving in time and energy
- effective cost-control
- compliance with REACH, FDA and RoHS
- suitable for food contact and medical (cleanroom) applications
- environmentally friendly
Holcosil® line liquid colourants for silicone rubbers that are formulated as liquid pigment pastes are reliable and effective solutions offered with an unlimited variety of color. They comply with REACH, RoHS, FDA, BfR and Koshar regulations, and are ideal therefore for food-contact, skin contact and medical applications. They give the same outstanding performances in automatic and semi-automatic mixing systems. They do not affect the chemical or physical properties of the end-products, and provide smooth, glossy and very elegant surface qualities.
For further information about our range of Liquid Silicone Rubbers, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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