Innovation begins with materials

We are a dynamic team which brings flexible solutions on the silicone market. Our solutions are designed with the most innovative polymer and elastomer technologies. Our comprehensive range consists of silicone fluids with a wide variety of type and visosity, micro and macro silicone fluid emulsions, silicone resins and resin emulsions, solid and liquid silicone rubbers, pigment pastes, coupling agents, silanes and siloxanes, crosslinkers, catalysts, antifoams and defoamers, water repellents, release agents and lubricants, mold release agents, superwetting and superspreading agents, agro-adjuvants, thickeners, functional fillers such as silica, and many more...
Our Customer Support Services consider every specific need, our experts support industrial users with strong technical assistance on site. We share our knowledge and experience of years with our customers to maximize their profitability and cost-effectiveness. Our products are not only solutions for our customers, but choices that can help differentiate their businesses and create new market opportunities. 
In order to show how we can contribute to your business, please contact us. Our teams are ready to serve you at any time with pleasure.


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