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Plastic and rubber industries rely on silicone technologies to ensure smooth production processes. Release agents form the critical barrier between mold wall and plastic melt in the manufacture of molded articles. Polyurethane foam processing is especially demanding. For the industry TERRA offers TERRASILANE® series silanes and binders, TERRASIL® WR series water repellents and TERRASIL® series release agents which provide smooth-running processes and high quality products - perfect demolding of the molded foam part and improved optics and surface quality of the shaped articles. TERRASILl® series release agents are available in a wide selection, as customized product modifications, in the form of fluid or solid solutions and aqueous emulsions.


TERRA provides colouring soutions for any polyurethane application. HOLCOFLEX® series colorants from Holland Colours are used for rmanufacturing of PU- and MS-polymer type sealants. Thanks to their unique features they can answer any specific needs. These colourants do not affect the material properties and are delivered in standard RAL shades or in customized colours, in large or small quantities.


For further information about our range for Polyurethane Processing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.




Recommended solutions


 pdf_symbol   HOLCOSIL® colorants for silicone rubbers (Holland Colours)

 pdf_symbol   HOLCOSIL® colorants for silicone sealants (Holland Colours)

 pdf_symbol   HOLCOFLEX®, pigment pastes for colouring organic sealants (Holland Colours)


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