Higher performances and more cost-effectiveness
As compared to other materials, silicone rubbers offer numerous benefits for manufacturing of automotive parts and components that have high volume demands. High effectiveness and tight, encapsulated engine bays take their toll. Close to the engine, ever increasing temperatures reach well over 100°C. Traditional materials such as natural rubber as well as other advancements like the synthetic rubber EPDM reach their limits under these conditions. In order to withstand temperatures of up to 145°C, the automotive industry uses widely silicone rubbers.

- Compression Molded Automotive Parts

- Extruded Automotive Parts

- Pad Printing for Automotive Parts

- Moldmaking & Prototyping

- Bonding & Insulating

- Additives & Colorants for Silicone Rubbers

- Processing Auxiliaries

- Composites

Silicone rubbers are an exception among all other synthetic rubbers. Their polymer chains are not fully organic, but also contain the inorganic element silicon as well as oxygen atoms. This chemical structure is referred to as a siloxane chain. It is responsible for the excellent heat stability of these polymers which are consequently used in components for engine mounting and drivetrains.
Silicone has one drawback, however, in that it bonds relatively poorly to metal parts. By employing specific pre-treatment techniques and the latest bonding systems, TERRA solves this problem and thus replaces natural rubber with silicone for engine mounts exposed to particularly high temperature demands.
Our solutions for automotive industry include silicone rubbers offered in forms of solid, flowable or liquid, colourants for silicone rubbers offered in forms of paste or liquid, performance enhancing additives for silicone rubbers, silicone fluids, release agents, lubricating emulsions, adhesives & bonding agents to bond silicone rubber parts to substrates such as plastic, metal, rubber or fabric, and other complemntary additives. They are efficient, cost-effective and meet all technical and environmental requirements of the automotive industriy fully.






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