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For leather surface treatment TERRA offers a specific range which consists of leather finishes, wet-end chemicals and propcessing auxiliaries which guarantee better surface quality and higher durability. They impart leather high abrasion resistance, scuff resistance, mar resistance and scratch resistance. These properties are of particular relevance to shoe leather and automotive leather. TERRASOFT® WR line hydrophobic silicone emulsions are used to give a water repellent treatment. They are suitable for natural and synthetic leather treating, and provide many unique benefits: 
- keep leather soft and supple, flexible
- modify look and feel
- add water repellency (hydrophobicity) feature
- improve rub and abrasion resistance
- improve breathability
- improve leveling/wetting
These highly effective solutions are used in most leather applications, such as in footwear, home upholstery, automotive upholstery, garments, and other leather goods. It is the feel, lubricating effects, low surface tension, hydrophobicity and durability of our solutions that make them of particular benefit to the leather industry. Incorporated into the topcoat, our solutions enhance the protection, hand feel, comfort and appearance of finished leather:
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