Smooth productions, top-quality fibers
Higher production rates and high product performances obligate fiber and yarn producers to seek always for more efficient chamicals to lubricate fiber and spinneret and to avoid excessive overheating due to friction during high-speed manufacturing. Because of their outstanding properties like heat stability and good lubrication, release agents and lubricants can provide a reduction of the dynamic coefficient of friction, reducing the risk of fiber melting and breakage during production. They can also be used to achieve low coefficients of friction between the fibers themselves. Generally a silanol-functional silicone, a reactive cross-linker (e.g., a silane or an epoxy-functional silicone) and a condensation catalyst are formulated together into a coating to encapsulate the fiber. Such treated fibers will lead to high thermal insulating textiles and filling material for fiberfill systems as found in duvets or overalls. TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids, TERRASOFT® line polysiloxane compounds and softening agents, TERRASIL® line lubricants, waxes and water-repellents, and other complementary additives can meet every need in fiber and yarn manufacturing:
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