A pleasant softness, high wearing comfort
To feel good and enjoy a high level of wearing comfort - these are important consumer expectations of high-quality clothing. Our silicones impart textiles very soft and pleasant finishes. A soft, supple hand is particularly important for achieving high textile wearing comfort. No matter whether the fabric is cotton, polyester or a blend, its softness depends on the frictional forces acting between the individual yarns and fibers. The more mobile a fabric’s fibers are, and the lower the interfiber friction, the softer the fabric feels. This is precisely the effect obtained by our TERRAFLUID® FINISH line aminofunctional silicone fluids and TERRASOFT® line silicone emulsion textile softeners. Our micro and macro silicone emulsions and concentrates transport the silicone to the fiber where it is deposited, leaving an ultrathin film on the fiber surface. This makes for excellent natural soft fabrics and outstanding wearing comfort.
TERRAFLUID® FINISH line aminofunctional silicone fluids, particularly those with an amine number from 0.1- 0.6 and a viscosity of 1.000 - 5,000 cSt, produce excellent soft touch effects in textiles made of cotton, polyester, and blends thereof. The physicochemical properties of TERRASOFT® line textile softeners enable us to continuously modify the type of hand in textiles to meet every specific need, whether the desired feel is soft, dry or supple. To this end we offer aminofunctional silicone fluids, micro emulsions for inner softness, and macro emulsions for a smooth, supple hand. These highly effective textile softeners are especially important for giving textiles a soft finish.
For further information about our textile softeners to provide Softness & Suppleness in textiles, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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