Keep the shape in wool
To achieve a long-lasting dimensional stability and a durable shape retention in textiles TERRA offers special textile softeners which are particularly suitable as softener for the impregnation of fibers, woolen fabrics and PES/cotton fabrics. Our silicone softener emulsions impart a very soft , drapable, and elastic touch to woven and knitted fabrics, noncreasing woolen fabrics and garments that keep their shape, and confer long-lasting high wearing comfort.
TERRASOFT® WOOL line silicone softener emulsions formulated with TERRAFLUID® FINISH line reactive aminofunctional silicone fluids are able to react with themselves and with crosslinkers. The resultant three-dimensional network provides a fabric finish that is characterized by resiliency, body, and the soft hand typical of silicones. They improve the wash-and-wear properties and the crease recovery angle, sewability and tear strength and reduces abrasion loss. The effects are fast to washing and dry cleaning.
As part of formulations used as fill fibre finish TERRASOFT® WOOL line silicone softener emulsions impart excellent slickness and resilience to the fibre.
Our silicone elastomers provide the ideal finish particularly for single and double jersey which is used mainly in high-quality textiles. The result is a soft and lustrous easy-care garment with enhanced elasticity and good stretch and shape-recovery properties. Combined with reactive resins, our silicones have the added benefit that washing does not affect their excellent shape retention and surface smoothness. They are also perfect with respect to many other properties important for wool, such as antipilling, resilience and anticrease performance. They prevent formation of the small fuzzy balls, or pills, so typical of woolen fabrics, and make for a soft, supple and pleasant hand. They also enhance elastic recovery and prevent bagging, which is again typical of woolen fabrics.
For further information about our solutions to achieve Dimensional Stability in textiles, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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