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TERRA offers innovative solutions to eliminate the problem of offshade and to intensify the colour brilliance of the fabric. In polyester fabrics, our silicones combine a soft hand with color intensification effects; they prevent ozone fading in denim, and they permit color-intensive pigment printing. This makes for brilliant colors all round. The colors appear fresher and more intensive.


In high-quality jeans not only the color is important, but also, in particular, a perfect fit and a soft hand. To give denim fabrics a soft finish TERRASOFT® DENIM line exhaustible silicone softeners formulated with TERRAFLUID® FINISH line aminofunctional silicone fluids are developed specifically for denim. The emulsions can be applied by padding or during the denim wash process, and confer a very pleasant hand ideal for jeans.


In pigment printing applications our silicone polymer additives are added to the pigment printing pastes to provide outstanding color effects such as luster, brilliance and clear print outlines in textiles. Our silicones are added to the pigment printing pastes in the form of emulsions or oils, as appropriate. Once the textiles have been printed, the silicones form a thin film on the surface of the printed areas. This considerably reduces friction and pigment abrasion during use, so that fabrics retain their original brilliance and clear print outlines for longer.


For further information about our range for Color Intensification & Brilliant Pigment Printing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.





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