Colorants for textile and fabric coating

To make colored fabric coating applied with silicone rubbers TERRA offers a reliable range of colorants for silicone rubbers of superior quality. They are skin contact, comply with FDA,BfR and RoHS requirements fully, suitable for one- or two-component silicone rubbers. They are ideal for use with manual or automatized textile coating and printing systems on any type of fabric. Holcosil® line colourants are produced from multiple Holland Colours’ facilities around the world and provide very ciritical advantages:


- outstanding colour consistency, reliability and quality

- supplied as color masterbatches or pigment additive dispersed in silicone fluid

- fast delivery with standard colour orders

- order quantities from 1 kg and up

- wide array of standard and custom colour

- suitable for food contact and medical devices

- comply with FDA, BfR and RoHS requirements fully

- excellent performance characteristics for high-precision applications

- provide functional and aesthetic properties 

- do not affect the performance of the end-product

- improve coating quality on fabric

- improve temperature resistance

- provide flame retardancy

easy to use

- added to LSR silicone rubber in the Part A component

- added to RTV silicone rubber if the RTV is dispersed in a solvent solution; if not, the masterbatch can be incorporated as a Part B component using a dispersing system



For further information about our range used for Pigmentation & Textile Printing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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