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Silicones are designed to adhere well to a wide variety of substrates, but some silicones and some surfaces require adhesion enhancement to achieve adequate bond strength. Surface treatments to improve adhesion can range from simple cleaning to more complex etching, and may require the application of reactive silane coupling agents to achieve optimal bonding. TERRASIL® AUX line primers, prime coats and adhesion promoters are formulated with TERRASILAN® line top-quality silane coupling agents and other formulation components. The surface reactive components typically must be applied in a very thin layer for best bonding result. The solvents used in these products serve to deliver the active ingredients in a thin, uniform coating, enhance surface cleaning, and in some cases, aid in the penetration of the active ingredients into the bonding surface. They have outstanding features:


- ideal for chemically adhering closed textile structures or other difficult-to-adhere substrates

- very good adhesion to glass fiber

- ideal for adhering acrylic, EPDM, epoxy, EVA, fiberglass, melamine, nitrile rubber, nylon, PBT, PE, phenolics, polyester and unsaturated polyester, polyolefin, polysulfide, PP, PVC, styrenic, urethane

- ideal for best adhesion to metal, post-cure at 150-200°C



For further information about our range used as Material Coupling & Adhesion Promotion in textile and fabric coating, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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