Protective, durable and comfortable

Silicone rubber coatings provide added protection and functional properties that may not exist in fabric alone: Protection from heat, flame, wide temperature extremes, chemicals, moisture, UV, weathering, aging and abrasion resistance. SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers from TERRA are comfortable, suitable for skin contact, and modify the "touch" and look of fashion apparel. Their UV and water resistance, water repellence, breathability and wash durability add value to many textiles, including technical textiles. They are available in two forms: flowable or semi-flowable room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV silicone rubbers and highly liquid LSR silicone rubbersThey are transparent or glossy, and can be pigmented; they have relatively high surface grip, are solvent-free, easy to process and offer superior flexibility and high elongation. They  are suitable for skin contact, comply with FDA and RoHS regulations, and impart textiles unique protection and performance properties:
- high-temperature resistance
- flame resistance
- high and low temperature stability
- low-temperature flexibility
- foldability
- chemical resistance
- moisture resistance
- water repellency
- barrier protection
- abrasion resistance
- UV and weathering resistance
- fungus resistance
- food contact
- low coefficient of friction and release properties
Our SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers for textile coating includes solventless (100% silicone solids), solvent-based and water-based alternatives. They are used for many applications in technical textile coating market:
­- conveyor belts
- industrial hose, beltings, gaskets
- compensator bellows, diaphragms
- insulation fabrics for tanks, pipes
- bakery-release fabrics
- boat hulls and internal fittings
- belts, hoses, carpets, seating, interior trim and lining
- car covers, boat covers and tarpaulins
- architectural fabrics, awnings, canopies, domes and marquees
- roofing and waterproofing membranes
- sail cloths
- balloon fabrics, para gliders and parachutes
- ropes (sailing, ballooning, climbing)
- hold up stockings
- strapless stockings and bras
- socks and pant waistbands
- sports apparel, outdoor cloths, thermal underwear
- sleeping bags tents, bags and soft-sided luggage
- protective clothing and chemical-resistant gloves
- hospital blankets, pond liners, soil stabilization
They have very good adhesion to a wide variety of fabrics, and widely used in textile coating applications:
Typical applications and key benefits:
Coating type
Application area
Key properties
Soft coating
Hold-up stockings (RTV)
- ease to process
- crystal clear
­- soft
­- non slip and high elongation
Outdoor clothing and tents (LSR, RTV)
- adhesion
­- flexible
- thermal stability
­- colorless
­- hydrophobicity
Air bags (LSR)
­- strength
­- adhesion
­- slip
­- stability at elevated temp.
Hard coating
Conveyor belt coating (LSR)
­- adhesion
­- non slip and abrasion resistance
­- thermal stability
­- food grade
Compensator bellow (LSR)
- adhesion
­- chemical/Thermal stability
­- abrasion resistance
Medical protective wear (LSR, RTV)
- hydrophobic
- autoclavable
- adhesion



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