Unlimited flexibility in design and performance
Silicone polymers and silicone elastomers are widely used in textile finishing as well as in textile coating applications with a wide range of variety. They provide unlimited design flexibility and impart specific touch effects such as softness and slipperiness, as well as funtional effects such as water absorbency or water repellency, soil resistance, anti-wrinkle effect, anti-slip effect, heat and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and UV- and ozone-resistance.
TERRA offers an extensive range which consists of OH-functional silicone polymers, aminofunctional silicone fluids, silicone-based textile softeners formulated as micro and macro emulsions, antifoams and defoamers, silicone rubbers and colorants for silicone rubbers for textile coating with FDA compliance, textile printing inks, and many more... These flexible and effective solutions are suitable for any type of finishing and coating method, on the fiber during production, on the fabric and/or directly on the finished goods:







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