Softeners for bath and facial tissues



We help you provide new ways to differentiate your tissue products and gain valuable market share. TERRASOFT® softeners used for tissue manufacturing:


- achieve the best balance of softness, absorbency, and tissue strength for your application

- reduce surface drag during use

- create potentially less lint and dust during use

- are easy to use

- are anionic or cationic system compatibility

- have application flexibility

- suitable for energy-saving room-temperature process

- have no hazardous solvents

- are food-grade, REACh and FAD approved



In addition to softeners, we offer also food-grade TERRAFOAM® foam control systems that are formulated specially for tissue manufacturing. They can meet any specific requirement of international and local regulations for health and safety.  



For further information about our range of Softeners and Antifoams for Tissue Manufacturing, please contact us. We can support you providing tailored products, services, and technology packages to meet your specific needs.


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