Performance modifiers



TERRA offers a wide range of antifoam emulsions, compounds and concentrates, additives and also performance modifiers for brown stock washing and other pulping operations. TERRAFOAM® foam control systems meet defoaming challenges in different geographies around the world, can handle different pulp and paper manufacturing processes, and for both hard and soft wood types. The silicone antifoam agents and ready-to-use process aids outperform oil-based defoamers in both sulfite and kraft pulping operations:


- improve washing efficiency and pulp drainage

- are effective at lower use levels

- lower your processing costs



Antifoam performance modifiers from TERRA enable the customization of antifoam formulations to meet specific needs.


TERRAFOAM® foam control systems are designed for pulp manufacturing, do not have dioxin precursors as do oil based defoamers, and are safe for use in waste water treatment plants.



For further information about our range for Pulp Industry, please contact us. We can support you providing tailored products, services, and technology packages to meet your specific needs.

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