Positive effects on every aspect in the paper industry

Silicone materials from TERRA are used to reduce the environmental impact of paper manufacturing. They enable the development of innovative paper products and encourage recycling. From pulp processing to paper finishing, label making, and paper recycling, TERRA' s products improve productivity and enable pulp and paper industries, but also label and tape manufacturers to respond to environmental concerns without sacrificing performance.

Silicone materials from TERRA enable the development of convenient new paper products and high-value applications. Because they are so effective at low use levels, silicones are also very cost effective to use.

The product line comes in many forms:


- Silicone fluids, emulsions and compounds for foam control and paper finishing, process aids

- Silicone resins and elastomers for release coating applications and adhesives


They are sustainable, better-performing alternatives to organic ingredients and used as process aids and performance modifiers for:




Our comprehensive range for pulp and paper industry includes also Release coatings for paper and pressure sensitive release modifiers. They are used for self adhesive release applications for manufacturing of labels (Rolls, sheets), envelopes, papers for food packaging (Water-proof papers for fruits, vegetables, seafoods) and bakery (Grease-proof paper for bakery, muffins, cakes, sweets, chocolate, etc.) and casting paper (Synthetic leather, etc.).
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