Creating innovative products with intelligent materials
Silicones remain the most commonly used release agents for pressure sensitive adhesive applications. A release liner with a thin-layer coating of a cured siloxane polymer is an essential feature of a typical self-adhesive label construction. The ultra-thin and uniform silicone coat (approx. 0.4 to 1 μm) is essential to the quality of the release behaviour. Other uses are to facilitate handling of materials, including industrial materials and food goods.
TERRASIVE® silicone release coatings and pressure sensitive release modifiers from TERRA are delivered in form of solvent-free and solvent-based emulsions for creating of innovative products:
In self adhesive release applications;
- Labels (Rolls, sheets)
- Graphic arts, decorative films & vinyls
- Personal hygiene (Sanitary napkins)
- Tapes (Single-sided, double-sided, self-wound with silicone treated backing)
- Envelopes
In other release applications;
- Food, baking (Grease-proof paper for bakery, sweets, etc.)
- Food packaging (Water-proof paper for packaging of fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.)
- Industrial packaging (Sealants, adhesive, composites, asphalt, floor tiles, shingles, etc.)
- Casting paper (Synthetic leather, etc.)
For further information about our range used for Release Coatings for Paper, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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