Efficient, reliable and cost-effective foam control
Foam can readily form in aqueous manufacturing processes and wastewater systems if surface active agents such as surfactants, proteins and cellulose derivatives are present. TERRAFOAM® OG line antifoams and defoamers are mineral oil based foam control systems that are used to inhibit foam production or to provide rapid elimination of existing foam. Thanks to their unique feautures and benefits they are the first choice in many industries and applications:
- efficient in aqueous systems
immediate defoaming action
- long lasting foam inhibition
- available as compound or ready-to-use emulsion
- quick and efficient foam control
- very efficient even in low concentrations
- very good chemical and pH stability 
- resistant to temperature extremes
- very good thermal stability
- compatible with the most of the chemicals
- can be dispersed easily in product formulations
- easy to pump
- comply with national and international regulations
- shorten the production processes
- do not affect the end-product performances
- save energy and time
- provide cost-effectiveness
TERRAFOAM® OG line mineral oil based antifoams and defoamers are used in a number of industrires and applications, including: 
- paints and coatings, epoxy, resin
- printing inks
- varnishes, polishers
- plastics and rubber manufacturing
- agricultural pesticides, fertilizers
- waste water & process water treatments
- pulp and paper recycling
- rubber and plastic recycling
- oil & gas rafinery applications
- liquid storage and filling
- metalworking fluids
- building & construction, adhesives
- textile and leather
- carpet washing
- food and beverage
- surface cleaners, detergents, soil and oil repellents, cleansers
- industrial filter
- automotive
For further information about our range of Mineral Oil Based Antifoams & Defoamers, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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