High efficiency, design flexibility, cost-effectiveness

For extrusion and molding applications made with HTV silicone rubbers TERRA offers an extensive range of colorants. Holcosil® line pigment pastes and masterbatches from Holland Colours are highly effective solutions, and have outstanding properties:
- compatible with all type of silicone rubbers and elastomers
- critical advantages against powder pigments & conventional masterbatches
- excellent weather resistant
- excellent heat and temperature resistant (-60ºC to 300ºC)
- do not affect physical and chemical properties of the end product
- provide glossy, smooth and elegant surfaces
- enhance processing performance significantly
- provide high design and production flexibility
- suitable for manuel use and full-automatized dosing systems 
- highly efficient and economic
- shorten the coloring and mixing period, save costly time and energy
- do not raise any dust
- environmentally harmless
- comply with FDA and RoHS
- suitable for food grade and medical applications
- effective cost-control
For further information about our range of Colorants for Silicone Rubbers & Elastomers, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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