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Foam occured during production process causes many problems: Capacity loss, reduction of production efficiency, rising production times, high maintenance costs, and larger and more expensive equipment in order to handle the foam. In order to eliminate these problems and achieve optimal results, process foam must be controlled.


For effective foam control TERRA offers TERRAFOAM® series antifoam compounds, emulsions, and also TERRAFLUID® series silicone fluids used for formulation of tailor-made antifoam emulsions. These highly effective foam control systems are used to destroy or to prevent foam, and they have minimal impact - other than foam suppression - on the products in which they are used. Generally, the smaller the amount of antifoam required, the less impact there will be on the product. This is one reason why foam control systems of TERRA are frequently the first choice.


Silicone foam control systems from TERRA provide unique benefits:


- efficient and cost-effective

- long-lasting

- acting as antifoams and defoamers

- safe (many comply with REACh, FDA, BfR and other regulatory requirements)

- low surface tension for effective foam control in different foaming media



We offer you the right solutions


Our range for foam control eliminates your foam problems, helps you increase your productivity and reduce your production costs. They are available as compounds, emulsions and fluids, and are suitable for use in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. They are used in a wide spectrum of industrial applications, such as:


- Building materials (Adhesives, coatings, water repellents)

- Agriculture

- Chemical manufacturing

- Food processing

- Beverage

- Metalworking

- Oil & Gas (Rafinery processing)

- Pulp & Paper

- Recycling

- Printery (Printing & Ink)
- Textile (finish)

- Waste water treatment



For further information about our comprehensive range of Process Aid Antifoams, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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