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Silicone additives are used to add superior properties such as mar resistance and slip, leveling, wetting, foam control, pigment treatment, water resistance and texturing to the paints & inks, including wood coatings, industrial coatings, inks & OPVs and architectural paints. To meet specific needs of the industry, TERRA offers an extensive range which consists of silicone fluids, silicone resins & binderssilanes, foam control systems and other additives such as fillers (functional), pigments, carbon blacks, tixotropic agents, surface hardeners, thickeners, plasticizers, drying agents, curing agents, fluoro surfactants and biocide to produce high-quality paints, coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes more easily and more cost effectively. Our solutions can be a critical element in your formulations to:


- aid in pigment dispersion

- prevent and control foam

- improve leveling, slip and wetting

- increase mar resistance

- impart water resistance

- provide tactile properties, texturing effects

- enhance adhesion

- enhance moisture resistance

- impart gloss

- impart fire resistance



Our additives are ideal to impart unique properties to your paint, ink and coating formulations and provide problem solving performance:


- use in solvent-borne or water-borne formulations

- compatible with most binder systems and diluents

- high efficiency at low concentration levels to help lower raw material costs

- suitable for use in low-VOC, sustainabily formulated products

- formulated for versatility and ease of use



For further information about our extensive range of Additives for Paints & Inks, please contact usOur experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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