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Crude distillation


Certain crudes have a tendency to foam badly, which can reduce distillation efficiency. TERRAFOAM® line antifoams are ideal to end the problem, significantly increasing capacity.



Vacuum distillation


TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids are used to control foaming of heavy oil fractions. The low volatility of the silicone ensures that it leaves the unit with the heavier bitumen fractions.



Cracking process


TERRAFOAM® line silicone-based antifoams are frequently used in processes such as Visbreaking to prevent foaming in the distillation column.



Asphalt processing


TERRAFOAM® line silicone antifoams are particularly effective in preventing foam in asphalt-related processes. Examples include controlling foam in strippers associated with propane deasphalting and eliminating foam in asphalt blowing. And when used at rates as low as 2 ppm in asphalt, they can make a remarkable difference in processing, loading and transport.



Delayed cokers


Foam typically occurs during the process of coking heavy oil and asphalt fractions. The addition of 10 ppm of a TERRAFOAM® line silicone antifoam dispersed in kerosene, either directly to the drum or before the furnace, generally controls the foam. Increased drum runs and reduced coke deposits in overhead vapor lines can be realized.



Storage tank froth-overs


These can be prevented in the event of steam line rupture, water-bottom turnover or the inadvertent injection of water by injecting 1 ppm TERRAFOAM® line silicone antifoams into the tank intake.



Benzene-Toluene-Xylene (BTX) extraction (Aromatics)


This is characterized by the Udex process, which uses a mixture of diethylene and dipropylene and/or tetraethylene glycol to extract BTX. Foaming occurs in both the stripper and the extractor, which leads to carry-over and decreased capacity. Prediluting a TERRAFOAM® line silicone antifoam in one of the system components or in an aliphatic solvent and injecting it continuously at the top of the extractive stripper help prevent foam buildup (Udex is a trademark of UOP). 



For further information about our foam control systems for Foam Control In Rafinery Operations, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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