Improve protection, cleanability and shine
Silicones are well known for their affinity for surfaces and their ability to increase surface protection, cleanability, and shine. We offer a comprehensive range including silicone fluids, emulsions, resins, silicone waxes, silicone polyethers, aminofunctional silicone fluids and their emulsions which are highly recommended for use in hard surface applications. TERRASIL® PE line polish emulsions & waxes formulated as solvent- or waterbased emulsions add key attributes to cleaners and polishes to protect a variety of surfaces. Our highly effective solutions impart numerous benefits:
- long-lasting surface protection
- long-lasting gloss and shine
- film forming 
- improved spreading and leveling
- very good water repellency
- very good soil resistance
- antistatic properties
- durability
- non-slip surface finish
- easy cleaning
- excellent breathability
- no stress cracking (for acrylic glass)
- ease of processing during production
- ease of application
Thanks to our extensive range we support manufacturers to formulate a full range of cleaning products with outstanding properties:
- household and industrial cleaners
- antifogging agent
- glass hydrophobing agent
- glass ceramics polish
- glass cleaner
- acrylic glas cleaner
- wood and stone impregnation
- wood hydrophobing agent
- textile and leather impregnation
- floor polish
- furniture polish
- metal polish
- shoe polish
- leather polish
- polish for marble and granit
For further information about our range for manufacturing of Polishes and Hard Surface Cleaners, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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