Comfortable, extremely pure and economic
SILASTOSIL® line flowable room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV-2 silicone rubbers and pumpable liquid LSR silicone rubbers are ideal for manufacturing of high-quality prosthetises and orthopedic articles, including:
- flexible moldings for insoles and pelottes
- orthopedic sole plate
- silicone shoe insole
- truss pad
- forefoot insole
- heel cup
- toe spreader
- toe cup
- adult sex toys/ dolls
- silicone body organs (external)
- removable partial prosthetics
- dental prosthetis
SILASTOSIL® P 7000 line RTV-2 silicone rubbers are highly pure and water clear addition-curing (platinum-catalyzed) room-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers, and fulfill all needs related to manufacturing of high-quality prosthetics in economic way.
SILASTOSIL® LR line silicone rubbers are FDA confirmed, highly transparent and non-yellowish pumpable liquid LSR silicone rubbers, and ideal for manufacturing of medical articles with liquid injection molding method in large quantities.

TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids are ideal to adjust the hardness of the silicone rubber, and also to reduce the material costs.


Holcosil® line liquid colorants for silicone rubbers (pigment pastes) from Holland Colours are FDA confirmed, and ideal therefore to manufacture skin contact devices. The colors can be completely tailored to specific needs of the users.


For further information about our comprehensive range for manufacturing of Prosthesises & Orthopedic Articles, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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