Extremely clean, free from impurities and economic
For manufacturing of high-precision medical parts and healthcare articles with liquid injection molding method TERRA offers a reliable range which consists of highly transparent  liquid silicone rubbers colorants for silicone rubbers and other complementary additives (e.g. X-ray detectable additive) that fulfill all conditions related to medical grade status. SILASTOSIL® LR 3000 line liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) guarantee high precision, high purity, high thermal stability and long lifetime service for injection molded medical parts and skin contact devices, including:
- catheters
- silicone components for leads and ear-implants
- implantable standard parts
- suture sleeves
- end caps
- tines
- strain relieves
- connector pins
- bi- or trifurcations
- silicone sealings
- respirator masks
- flow control valves
- needle free valve sights
- syringe stoppers, and many others...
SILASTOSIL® LR 3000 line medical grade liquid silicone rubbers are highly transparent, two-component liquid silicone rubbers, and FDA confirmed. Holcosil® line liquid colourants for silicone rubbers and other complementary additives from Holland Colours are ideal to manufacture skin contact devices. They fulfil all conditions for cleanroom applications.
For further information about our solutions Injection Molded Medical Parts, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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