Add anti-slip and high-grip properties



Silicone rubber coatings provide unique functional benefits in a variety of apparel items. Their anti-slip and high-grip properties make them suitable for lace and narrow fabrics such as strapless stockings and bras, lace stocking tops, brassiere and lingerie straps, socks and trouser waistbands. They provide high wearing comfort, are suitable for skin contact, and modify the "touch" and look of fashion apparel. Their UV and water resistance, water repellence, breathability and wash durability add value to many garments, including sportswear.


SILASTOMER® FC line silicone fabric coatings are available as one-component flowable or semi-flowable room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV-1 silicone rubbers and two-component liquid LSR silicone rubbers. They can be invisible, transparent, pigmented or glossy; they have relatively high surface grip, are solvent-free, easy to process and offer superior flexibility and high elongation. They have very good adhesion to a wide variety of fabrics.


For further information about our range of silicone rubbers for Lace & Narrow Fabric Coating, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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