High dimensional stability, permanent resilience



For fiberfill preparation TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of aminofunctional silicone fluids, softening agents formulated as silicone emulsions, silicone waxes, water repellents, silanes and other complementary additives that match exactly the needs of the manufacturers. TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids and aminofunctional silicone fluids, TERRASIL® line silanes and TERRASOFT® line softening agents impart a special softness, a pleasant hand, dimensional stability and permanent resilience. Their lubricating effect help reduce friction between the individual fibers, promoting a pleasant soft hand. The crosslinked structure of the finish promotes the natural elasticity of the fiberfill wadding. Fiberfills finished are generally used for example in cushions, blankets, sleeping bags, stuffed toys and functional sportswear.


For further information about our solutions for Fiberfill Preparation, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


picture fiberfill preparation

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