Long-term protection for high voltage systems

For manufacturing of high voltage grade cable accessories such as insulators, cable joints and cable end terminations TERRA offers a special range which consists of high voltage grade liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) and liquid colourants (colour pastes) for silicone rubbers that guarantee high efficiency and high effectiveness. SILASTOSIL® LR 2000 line high voltage grade liquid silicone rubbers from TERRA are two component, addition-curing liquid silicone rubber compounds with excellent processing properties and high tracking and arc resistance. They are noted for their superior mechanical and electrical properties:
- low viscosity
- outstanding dielectric properties
- high tracking resistance and arc resistance
- excellent hydrophobic properties
- high tear strength
- outstanding ageing behaviour and weather resistance
- high stability and flexibility at low temperatures
- very good flowability
- very easy to process
- rapid vulcanisation
- excellent adhesion (good adhesion to other LSR)
- superior insulating
- easy pigmentable with liquid colour pastes
- comply with RoHS
SILASTOSIL® LR 2000 line high voltage grade liquid silicone rubbers from TERRA allow to produce reliable and superior quality high-voltage distribution systems and high-voltage cable accessories including:
- insulators
- housing and weather sheds of insulators
- hollowcore insulators
- cable end terminations
- cold-shrink splices
- adapters
- connectors
- cable joints
Our flexible solutions for high voltage cable accessories provide many critical benefits and advantages:
- extended service life; hydrophobic coating provides longer water resistance
- improved reliability; resilient silicone rubber stands up to environmental contaminants, physical stresses, and vandalism
- ease of installation; premolded, assembly-free cable end terminations
- reducing of total system costs
- improved arc-track resistance
- improved electrical insulation: protection against environmental stresses, extended component service life
- reduce of power loss: reduced grid power loss, improved safety and security, reduced maintenance costs
- extended service life: hydrophoblic performance, weatherability, resistance to  the elements, while minimizing tracking and erosion
Thanks to our solutions you can gain manufacturing productivity and design flexibility:
- design cold-shrink splices using very-low-modulus silicone rubbers with high tear resistance
- ideal for quick, tool-less installation in confined distribution situations
- maximize your production processes for casting, coating, or liquid injection molding
- utilize liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) for maximum process efficiency
For further information about our solutions for fabricating of High-voltage Cable Accessories, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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