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Molded silicone parts for seals are produced in a separate injection-molding process and then incorporated into the respective composite part. Alternatively, a pasty seal or gasket can also be applied directly in situ and vulcanized to convert it into a rubber-elastic state. SILASTOSIL® line sealing systems are flowable, one-component or two-component, room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV silicone rubbers, and provide many ciritical advantages:
- reduced material input
- simplified inventory
- fully automatic application
- no special processing of the flange surface
- simple groove construction
- seals kept firmly in place prior to assembly
In wet-type gaskets (FIPG), the parts to be sealed are joined together prior to vulcanization of the silicone rubber. Exact dimensional tolerance of the parts is unnecessary. At the same time, adhesion by the silicone to the parts produces a reliable seal. In dry-type gaskets (CIPG), the seal adheres to the part to be applied and thus is kept firmly in place by itself. The dimensions of the seal can be designed such that the joined parts are uncoupled acoustically.
For further information about our range for Sealing of electronic parts, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

resim elektronik bonding

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