Combination of effective protection and

good aesthetics



Sun protection is an important part of skin care. The sun’s energy has potential for damaging effects on the skin, including burns in the near-term and pre-mature aging of the skin, skin disease and possibly cancer in the longer-term. Consumers are aware of the need to prevent these potential risks by using products that are convenient and that provide safe, effective, long-lasting UVA and UVB protection. Consumers want products that are increasingly effective, with long-lasting protection and good wash-off resistance and also aesthetic features like a unique soft and silky feel, easy and uniform spreading and reduced tackiness. They also expect moisturizing qualities, photostability and innovative textures and feel. Therefore formulators try to enhance their formulations as optimized combinations of protection and good aesthetics. Demand is strong for foams and sprays, as well as products that provide a firming quality and glowing effect on the skin.


TERRA offers top-quality silicone materials and other additives which make formulating easier, more cost-effective and that meet both consumer demand for aesthetically pleasing products and global regulations for safe, effective and compliant products. Our comprehensive range consists of silicone acrylate copolymers, elastomers, resins, carbinol fluid, alkylmethylsiloxanes and silicone emulsifiers which offer you unique formulating advantages.


Our team of experts help you profit from the benefits of silicones and make your brand’s products safe, effective, pleasant to touch and comfortable to wear:


- enhance your sun protection formulations

- improve wash and sweat resistance

- minimize tack, sand pick-up

- reduce greasiness

- provide a silky, powdery feel

- enhance spreading

- increase smoothness

- impart mositurization and emolliency



For further information about our range of silicone materials used for manufacturing of Sun Care Products, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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