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Color cosmetics are always geared to current fashion trends. This puts severe pressure on cosmetics producers and their R&D departments. Trends have to be spotted early and acted upon quickly. TERRA offers a comprehensive range of top-quality additives for cosmetic products that catch the trend. Our team of experts support producers with innovative solutions that simplify product formulations and facilitate processings. Our performance enhancing additives are used as carrier or binder of pigments and fillers allowing to easily formulate pigment dispersion systems with increased product stability. They are used in lip, facial and eye make-up applications providing many benefits - and help color cosmetics producers to create new product classes, and to differentiate their brands on the market:


- natural and fresh feel

- even, easy spreading

- smooth, silky, powdery feel

- wrinkle masking

- reduced skin shine or enhanced gloss on lips

- long lasting, wash-off resistance

- sebum absorption

- more color radiance with less pigment



For further information about our solutions for Color Cosmetics, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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