Consistent production, maximum process robustness
Complex production workflows in web offset printing reduce the efficiency of the production processes, the quality of the printed products and the economics of the entire printing process. Silicone fluids render production both efficient and economic – and, not least, make a crucial contribution to the glossiness of your printed matter. TERRA’ s high-quality silicone emulsions for web offset printing ensure consistent production and maximum process robustness.
TERRASIL® LRA series silicone emulsions from TERRA are the fruits of an intensive research and reliable solutions for the web offset printing applications. They are produced in vertically integrated chemical plants and can be supplied reliably in any desired quantities. The hallmarks of these silicone emulsions are heat resistance, good release properties, pronounced water repellency and control of the gloss of the end product. This renders them ideal for applications in the print sector, especially for heat-set web offset printing where they serve as universal release, antifriction and antistatic agents in offset processes.
For further information about our reliable range for Web Offset Printing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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