Enhance your formulations, create new classes

For chemical manufacturing TERRA offers a wide range of raw materials from silicone antifoam compounds to chlorosilanes, siloxanes, methyl resins, silanol fluids and siloxylated polyethers. Customers prefer these materials to create new classes of products and add considerable properties to all types of formulations - from defoamers and emulsions to lubricants, adhesives, release agents, crop protectants and home, auto and personal care formulations.


Our range which can meet spesific needs in chemical manufacturing includes:

- Antifoams

- Chlorosilanes

- Methyl hydrogen siloxanes

- Methyl resins

- Silanol fluids and polymers

- Siloxylated polyethers with EO and PO

- Siloxylated polyethers with EO or PO



If you are looking for ways to develop innovative product technologies, our team of experts will help you create unique formulations and explore new application methods considering the criteria of processing flexibility, efficiency, product performance, and cost-effectiveness.


For further information about our range of Raw Materials for Chemical Manufacturing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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