Exceptional performances in coatings
TERRA help industries to produce top quality paints and coatings with outstanding properties which determine the general quality of the buildings. Our comprehensive range consists of a wide variety of formulation components including silicone surfactants, binders and silanes used as coupling agents, crosslinkers, catalysts, dispersible powder polymers, silicone resins & resin intermediates, anti-foaming agents and defoamers to break bubbles, wetting agents spreading agents, water repellents, biocides and other formulation components. They help manufacturers to meet challenges in their paint formulations in terms of application and appearance properties considering flowability and leveling, level of sheen or gloss, spattering tendency and foaming tendency.
Our highly effective solutions impart indoor and exterior paints exceptional performances in terms of adhesion (particularly under wet conditions), film formation, breathability, wearability, cover ability, ease of cleaning, stain resistance, scrub resistance, mildew resistance, lack of yellowing, resistance to alkaline cleaners, burnish resistance, block resistance, blister resistance, dirt resistance, resistance to peeling, alkali resistance and color retention:



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