For more durability in cement-based materials



Compression strength, alkali resistance, resistance to weathering and extreme temperatures, long service life and durability are crucial factors in constructions. To improve the binder network and to reinforce the performance of the building elements TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of water-based and solvent-based water repellents, silicone resins & resin internediates, adhesion promoters and primers, silanes and coupling agents, crosslinkers, functional fillers, dispersions and other formulation components. They are ideal for strengthening as well as improving the durability of concrete, concrete composites, and cementitious-based materials, including:

- new concrete, beton

- old concrete

- concrete blocks

- concrete and composite roof tiles

- fiber-reinforced concrete

- bricks

- sandstone

- rockwool


For further information about our solutions used for Binding & Reinforcing in construction, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.







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