Improve adhesion strength, save renovation costs



TERRASIL® SILANE line silanes and binders act at the interface between an organic material such as organic polymer, coating or adhesive, and an inorganic substance such as glass, metal or mineral to bond or couple two dissimilar materials. They are very effective adhesion promoters when used as an additive to coatings or adhesives. They migrate to the interface between the adhered product and the substrate to be effective. They are very effective to bind organic polymers to mineral or siliceous fillers, resulting in:

- improved mixing

- better bonding of pigment or fillers to resins

- increased matrix strength



TERRASIL® line silanes includes also alternatives that are used to crosslink polymers such as acrylates, polyethers, polyurethanes, and polyesters to improve:

- tear resistance

- elongation at the break

- tear propagation resistance

- abrasion resistance

- surface quality (more smooth and glossy)



Our highly effective solutions help meet every specific need for manufacturing of a wide variety of building materials, including:

- fiberglass-reinforced concrete (GFR, GFRC)
- glassfiber insulating elements
- paints and coatings
- mortar, plaster, grout
- stucco, render, EIFS
- window frames and decorative ornaments made of polyurethane
- wood-plastic composite panels, floor tiles
- asphalt



For further information about our soluitons for Adhesion Improvement in construction materials, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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