Luxurious, smooth and silky feel with barrier

and repair functions



Feel, color, odor and consistency on application are the main criteria for the success of skin-care products. TERRA offers you top-quality silicone additives which guarantee the success.


Personal care products that contain silicones protect health and well-being. Our silicones provide a protective barrier that allows the skin to breathe while still optimizing moisture retention. They possess film-forming properties that make skin-care products spread more easily. They enhance water repellency and boost user acceptance through their unique velvety soft feel on the skin. Our team of experts help you develop highly effective formulations – from nutrient-rich and moisturizing skin and body care to protective and conditioning shaving products.


Our versatile range and our experience in the Skin Care industry enables us to provide you innovative solutions for many applications:


- Face and body care

- Shaving

- Anti-aging products

- Active ingredient complexes



For further information about our range of silicone additives for manufacturing of Skin Care Products, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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